This is the most comprehensive and results guaranteed program Larry offers. This 16 week, hands-on program includes the custom design of every aspect of your routine including a dynamic workout rubric which will be constantly updated, a customized diet plan which will change based on your personal needs as we evaluate your progress and specific supplement schedules which will maximize your results and get you to the finish line faster.

This program also includes three weekly meetings with Larry along with complete access to him by text and email any time you want.


  • One (1) hour initial Skype or phone consultation including an in-depth assessment to establish your baseline, discuss your goals and talk about an action plan
  • Customized workout routine based on your specific fitness goals which will be updated every two (2) weeks
  • Customized diet based on your specific nutritional needs determined through the initial assessment - you will not have to eat foods you don't like! We will make adjustments to this diet once a month
  • Specific supplement regimen including daily schedule specific to our goals along with a list of Larry's preferred vendors to save you money when purchasing. Supplement schedule will be altered monthly
  • Three (3) 30-minute weekly Skype/phone meetings with Larry to discuss your progress and analyze your physique
  • You will receive Larry's personal cell phone number and email address - text or email any time you have a question about anything related to your program
  • $499 USD one time payment


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