Meet Aaron

Be My Travel Guy will accompany clients to beautiful travel destinations.

Each client gets a personalized itinerary, with tons of activities and accommodation options. More importantly, also included is language help and real world tips to keep you and your possessions safe. All to give the client the confidence to travel on their own.

Think of this as partially a vacation and but more of a real-time travel course; teaching many tips, tricks, and hacks to make travel less intimidating (more achievable?) We will show you how to fully immerse yourself in a culture and get the full experience of travel, all for much less of a cost than most imagine, Personal service from the start.

Even before the departure date we help with packing tips/lists, everything you need. If in the MN Twin Cities area we will provide transportation to the airport. If you live outside of MN we can fly to your airport, or meet at the destination city.

You might just meet some other cool people too!



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