I LOVE doing websites! I enjoy working with new clients that are passionate about their project. I learn something new with every new project. Doing a website requires a lot of research into the topic. It’s like taking a new course in college every time I do a site. Working with a client to develop their website into exactly what they wanted is very rewarding and is why I continue to do websites.

How much do I charge? I base my fee on the number of pages, images, scripts, etc. that a client needs. Website design is one of those “You get what you pay for” things. You could find someone to do your 5 page site for $100 and you’re going to get a $100 site. Or, you could pay a real designer what they’re worth and get an awesome site that will sell your product.

I am a freelance designer. I don’t take on more projects than I can handle so each of my clients gets personal and attentive service. Although I live in Indianapolis I’ve done websites and logos for people across the country.

What’s included? I do not offer hosting services. I recommend Godaddy or Yahoo for that. Usually the basic hosting package is enough for most people. Expect to pay $50 to $150 a year for your hosting. The domain name is sometimes included with your hosting, but if it’s not they will cost you about $10 a year.


How long does it take? The answer to that depends largely on the client. Once retained, I’ll do a mock-up and send it to you. You’ll critique it and back and forth until you’re 100% satisfied with your new website or logo. I usually get back to you within 48 hours, depending on the project.

Is maintenance included? Many of my clients pay me to create and send their email newsletters, do brochures and print ads and do any maintenance they need for their project. The initial cost of a website does not include these services.

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